Let's Open Your Neural Floodgates.
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Welcome to Grindhouse Therapy. Our mission is to create a place of worship for all the Heathens, Pagans and practitioners into the Dark Arts to come together and rejoice as one in a sanctified bond of glorified depravity and excessive debauchery that might possibly one day lead to the breakdown of society as we know it today and create that visionary dystopian nightmare that we all really crave for (just like in those films and books that we adore). Have I got your attention??, if so then thats good because of course I am exaggerating what this website is about just for comical effect (just slightly though). We are in reality an up and coming webzine dedicated to bringing insightful and informative information to the hipster community across the globe that isnt interested in all the mainstream crap and banality that seems to dominate the news, views and opinions of the multitude of unimaginative and insipid droves of inhabitants that we classify as “The General Public.” I want to use the term “Alternative Culture” to describe the website but it appears these days to have been crudely misappropriated with the extreme far right political agenda that is plaguing our very democratic existence and having recontextualized its meaning in the process. We are however an Alternative to conventional culture that is outside of the dominant opinions and interests of the common masses, that believe in equality to all human beings without discrimination to age, race and sexual orientation. 

So the plan for the upcoming weeks, months and years ahead is to explore with great interest and gusto all the subculture’s within the alternative communities throughout history, as well as keep a firm finger on the pulse of latest trends and fashions that are taking place in present-day contemporary cultures.

So to give you a taste of some of the upcoming features, articles and events which I will be striving hard to bring to you are as follows:-

– An in depth look at the history of Exploitation Films (including all genres and subgenres). Hopefully when this is completed a printed version may be a possibility?

– Same as above but within the Alternative Music industry.

– A series of illustrated short stories of the weird, horrific and unusual.

– A look at latest/up and coming cinema, dvd/blu-ray and album releases.

– A fashion brand/label selling a selection of t-shirts, hoodies and accessories.

– Original artwork (and prints) for sale.

– An art exhibition to be held at a venue in Oxford, U.K in the summer/autumn of 2019. featuring a group of selected artists working in different media.

These are just a few things that I will be working on, but as im currently the only person involved in this project then its going to take some time (and effort) to expand this into the multi tentacled beast that I somewhat envisage it eventually becoming. I will be trying to organise a small team of people to work on it with me but in the meantime its just me, myself an I unfortunately (boo hoo!).

If you feel the urge to contact me then please use the form provided below.

See ya! Lewis.